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Tim is the founder of the Cary Consulting Group. He is a recognized leader in Workforce and HR Transformations, with a passion for enabling HR to develop and grow talent – improving individual and organizational performance.

Tim has recently relaunched the Cary Consulting Group to return his focus to client delivery, centered on designing and delivering Total Talent Solutions.

Why Work with Us?

Our team averages over 20 years experience. We have “been there, done that” and bring these real-life experiences to your project.

What Makes Us Different?

The larger firms staff your project with a mix of seasoned professionals and newer resources learning on the job. We staff only with people who have completed several projects, and we bring that expertise to you.

What Size Team Can We Offer?

We can provide 1 to 100. We are a deep network of former Big 4 consultants. Our networks run deep. When we need to supplement our resources, we have a deep network of seasoned experts to call.


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What We Do

HCM Selection & Implementation

Have you upgraded your HCM ecosystem? How are you improving your employee experiences via the shift to the cloud? We help you navigate the complexities of choosing the right system and System Integrator.

Custom Learning Solutions

The skills economy has arrived. Learning has changed, and learning in the flow of work is a necessity. Personalized Learning using AI and data analytics provides targeted development.

HR Health Check & HR Strategy

Is your HR function viewed as the 'compliance department'? CHROs have evolved and are now driving the Talent Agenda. Let us help you redefine how HR can add value to the business and be seen as a true value creator.

Workforce Planning & Organization Design

Skills requirements are rapidly evolving. Do you have the workforce needed to drive your business. What are the specific skillsets you need to run your business.

Change Management

Are you reacting to changes, or are you driving the change? We help you navigate System Implementations, M&A, changing workforce expectations, and overall workforce readiness.

Embracing AI

Embracing AI empowers companies to enhance efficiency, drive innovation, and unlock valuable insights for informed decision-making in today's competitive landscape.

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